Already through our reading of the gospel (which means “good news”) of John we have seen Jesus through the eyes of John the Baptizer, Nicodemus (a member of the Jewish ruling council), and a Samaritan women. To John the Baptizer, Jesus is the Messiah (translated ‘Christ’ in greek… the annointed one), the one who will baptize with the Holy Spirit. Jesus told Nicodemus that He is the only one who who can speak of heavenly things for He has been there (John 3:12-13). He also spoke of everyones need to be re-born of the Spirit. The Samaritan woman sees that Jesus is a Prophet and Jesus reveals to her that He is more than that, but the Messiah. In the Spirit and in the Truth, one day those who believe will worship, and it will not be focused on holy places.

Jesus is truly amazes people by His presence, speach and healings. This week you are encouraged to read chapters 5 & 6. What amazing discoveries do you find about in Jesus? This Sunday, we will focus on John 5:16-30. May the Lord reveal to us the true nature of Jesus and dispell any myths.

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