GAME NIGHT THIS SATURDAY! November 18, we gather from 6:00 to 8:00pm for an evening of board games and card games. Also in the house: ping pong, air hockey and foosball. Join us. Just bring a snack or soda to share.

QUILT TICKETS! If you purchased a quilt benefit ticket, thank you! For pictures of this beautiful, hand-crafted quilt, please visit our Facebook page at FBC-of-Nobleboro-Maine.

NEW CRAFT GROUP MEETING! Several ladies in our church meet on Thursdays at 5:30pm to share ideas for Christmas craft projects and to work on a few projects. They meet downstairs in the church.

ADULT ED AT OUR CHURCH. Our adult education classes run each Sunday at 9am. We have two classes. One is for the women of our community who will study a book on how to live fully and joyfully for God. A second class for men and women will study the biblical book of Acts.

Our worship series, “Love Like God in a Loveless World,” continues through the fall. Our times are confusing and crazy. It seems that relationships have never been harder or more challenging. Could it be that God’s love can win the day and redeem the times? If so, how do we love in godly ways in our godless world?

PING PONG! Table tennis is an ongoing activity here at the church. Our two tables are seeing lots of activity. Join us Monday evenings at 6:00pm and/or Saturday afternoons at 4:00pm.

The church is now listed as an organization with the “Amazon Smile” program. When you make a purchase, just select “Nobleboro First Baptist Church” and a donation will be deposited into our account. These donations will be used for special projects only. The general expenses of the church will always be supported by the membership! Just click here to get started. And, thank you!