Before I introduce this coming Sunday’s (3/13) scripture passage, I’d like to make a couple of comments on the chapter in between last Sunday and this Sunday (John 2).  The first section, John 2:1-11 describes Jesus being called upon to do some thing about the shortage of wine at a wedding feast.  What amazed me is not only that Jesus has the power to transform water to wine, but the faith of these individuals who drew the water from the new filled jars and gave to the master of the banquet (vs 8-9).  Did they think they were giving him water?  Or did they have faith that Jesus did something miraculous?  May we have faith in the Lord’s directions that when we do something ordinary, God’s extraordinary work takes us by surprise.  The second section, John 2:12-25, Jesus does something that we’d be arrested for disturbing the peace.  John implies the Jesus has special authority to do what he did and it’s wrapped up in Him being God’s on and only Son.  May the Lord turn over any tables in us that are not fit for godly living.  He does have the authority to do that, don’t you think?

This coming Sunday we will look at a conversation between a member of a religious council and Jesus which took place at night (John 3:1-21).  Imagine, being so scared of public opinion that Nicodemus had to keep this meeting quiet.  Though here, he asks some very important questions about not understanding re-birth or new life in the Spirit.  Take a look at his questions and how does Jesus answer his misconceptions?  What truths does John want us to know?

Of all the messages in the coming weeks, this Sunday and next Sunday (John 4) could change your life.

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