Resurrection and Whose I Am!

I would like to apologize to my lack of attention to this blog.  It’s amazing how adding one thing to your schedule can throw you off a pattern.  The church has sent me to the Pastor’s Institute run by Vision New England.  It meets everyother Tuesday and has been a true blessing: challenging me to prioritize as a disciple of Christ.  (oh don’t worry, it will begin to challenge you 🙂 )

Pondering the act of adding more and more activities to our lives is how most Christians crowd out their intentional walk with our Lord Jesus.  Soon, we don’t have any focused time with He who is risen from the dead and wonder where our joy, power and wisdom went.  Learning the disciplines in Christ and trusting in the Holy Spirit does give life and allows us to cherish each human relationship.

Peter learns this lesson in John 21.  Why is it so important that the one (Peter), who abandoned, denied and neglected Jesus, have a face-to-face conversation?

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